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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship is a man heavyweight title owned and promoted by the Land professional grapple jacket Somebody Sport Coalition (NWA). The incumbent challenger is Trevor Writer, who is in his indorsement reign. Though formally legitimate in 1948, its number has been traditionally traced hindermost to the archetypal Humankind Heavyweight Wrestling Championship, which traces its ancestry to the claim oldest awarded to George Hackenschmidt in 1905. This effectively makes it the oldest extant grapple title in the experience. The appellation began as a governance embody's domain title and has been competed for in ninefold starring promotions around the reality, including Capitol Wrestling Firm (which seceded from the NWA and became Class Nationwide Rassling Federation, now WWE), All Nippon Pro Rassling (AJPW), New Nippon Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Count Flight State Grapple (TNA, now Consequence Wrestling), Doughnut of Honor (ROH), Battle Structure Grapple (CZW) and the now-defunct American Struggle Connexion (AWA), Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP), (after called Mankind Championship Wrestling, WCW), Eastern Title Grapple (ECW, afterward Intense Title Struggle) Concern Pedagogy Title Sport (WCCW), and galore another 2017, the NWA ceased beingness a governance body and gradually evolved into a descriptor grapple promotion with the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title as its perform title.