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WWF Light Heavyweight Championship

The WWF Light Heavyweight Championship was a professional wrestling championship in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) promotion. The title was challenged by light heavyweights at a maximum weight of 215 lbs (before deactivation, the weight limit was changed to 220Ibs). It was created on March 26, 1981, for the Universal Wrestling Association (UWA) in a partnership between the WWF and UWA. On 16 June 1995, the title moved to Michinoku Pro Wrestling, but due to WWF's ownership of the title, it was replaced with the WWF in 1997. The WWF Light Heavyweight Championship was first introduced in Japan in a tournament that ended with Perro Aguayo defeating Gran Hamada to become the first recognized champion. It then roam to the US West Coast before moving to Mexico and then later being defended once again in Japan by way of the Michinoku Pro Wrestling promotion. The title would later become popularized and widely defended within the confines of the World Wrestling Federation in 1997 when a tournament was held in the United States to crown a champion.